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Seamless food input, real-time expiration status, and personal recipe recommendations.

A smart fridge in the palm of your hand.

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The Problem

It's hard to keep track of all the food in our kitchen, sell-by dates, expiration dates, and simply put, know when it's going bad.

This problem is responsible for 39% of our overall food waste.

We dove into this user journey, to create as easy and frictionless of a food experience as possible.

The Solution

A digital assistant that tracks your food in real-time, alerts you when it's going bad, and delivers personalized recipes to help you put that food to use.

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Seamless Entry

By simply scanning your reciept, you can get a real-time overview of the food in your kitchen.

-- Including estimated expiration dates for every food item.

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Start Cooking

Any time you open the app, you can get live recipes based on the food in your kitchen -- and see the real impact you can make by putting that food to use.

AR Visualization

And if you want to really see the impact of your food choices, you can see it right before your eyes with an augmentred reality visualization.

Big Picture

This application is the MVP of your Smart Food Assistant.

Everything you'd want from a smart fridge -- information, impact, ease, delight -- in the palm of your hand.

Helping you eat healthier, more sustainably, and make progress in all of the ways that food affects your life.

And starting today -- with delightful experiences and delicious recipes -- turn the food you waste into food you eat.

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